Good luck for SPON 2nd building 's Topping out

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Update time : 2022-09-02 15:32:05
Good luck for SPON 2nd building 's Topping out

On 23th , Aug.,a topping out ceremony of SPON 2nd building is hold and SPON’s top team attend this ceremony to witness this landmark time.  

Since 2021 , SPON ‘s 2nd building ‘s construction has been highly concerned and expected by leaders, customers and all sectors of society.  At this sunny day , the 2nd buildling is topped out with the last concrete.

                                                                            Thanks for all the hard working builders.

With 20 years experience in the audio technology industry, SPON Communication has gained huge market share in multiple different application fields in both domestic
and overseas market, including finance, transportation, law enforcement, health care, education and other commercial or non-commercial fields.The building ‘s topping out means it is almost finished and means that spon’s development will enter next stage. Moverover it will strengthen SPON's production capability ,R&D capability and sales capability.

Warmy welcome you to visit SPON !!!
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