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SPON History

            In 2004,  SPON is established and IP campus broadcasting based on IP Audio technology came out.

            In 2008, Completing integration of broadcasting and internal communications industries.

            In 2009, Purchase 2500 ㎡ of production plant. Built the first SMT production line.

            In 2010, Becoming the nominated supplier of the Agricultural Bank of China.

            In 2012, Factory place extended to 5000 square meters after ten years of development.

            In 2013, honored as a fast-growing enterprise in the national high-tech zone.

            In 2014, Bank intercom market share rank first.

            In 2016, Launched a new XCoIP technology platform.

            In 2017, Built SPON industrial park.

            In 2018,Honored as One of Top Ten Chinese Manufacturer.

            In 2019, Opening a joint company with world brand TOA.

            In 2021 , SPON was rated as a SRDI little giant company by the Ministry of Industry and
            Information Technology.
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About Us
Changsha SPON Communication Technology Co., LTD was established in 2004 with over 20000 Square meter workplace . It is a national high-tech enterprise which has own core intellectual property and innovative research & development capabilities. We have rich experience in IP video and audio products and PA system products.
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