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Project Reference:
Changsha is the capital city of Hunan Province , which is the important economic and cultural city in China.  It is ever called “tam state “ in the ancient times , is a famous Spring city and surrounded by city and happiness. Changsha as the the first batch of historical and cultural cities in China , has three thousand years of splendid ancient civilization , is the ancestor of the sprig culture and human culture.
It was Changsha that has its characteristics of its ancient cultural city , attracts more and more people come to here. The authorities has been trying to alleviate the traffic congestion for the past years by build more metros. How to strength its daily security and improve the sound quality captured by CCTV camera is very high in the priority list. Among Changsha Metros, Line 6 firstly use SPON s powerful voice pickup microphones for CCTV camera, 130 points has deployed our microphones.

On site picture of Indoor sound pickup microphones , which is installed on the CCTV camera

On site picture of HiFi Audio Pickup Microphone , which is installed in the CCTV camera

Picture when the worker is installing the microphone to cctv camera.

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