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Xiamen East Coastal Area
Xiamen East Coastal Area

Traveling is an interesting thing , which can relax people from heavy life. When travelling , coastal area is a good choice , there are beautiful coastline, sunshine ,mangrove forest,Marathon runway, comfortable environment etc.

Xiamen East Coastal Area , with over 91 Square kilometer sea area and with around 60 kilometer Coast Line.There you can run at runway , appreciate birds and fish groups, Enjoy the sunshine and seawater and so on.

At this project , the government finally decided to use SPON public address and intercom system to secure tourists. At the runway , there are numerous inteligent light rod which integrate SPON Network intercom terminal XC-9137AV and SPON outdoor network column speaker NAS-8507B. To maintain its overal color,  in this project the installer also make a black cover for network column speaker. In daily life , the speaker will play background music . When emergency events occur , it will quickily evacuate the tourists orderly.
In addition to it , when tourist needs help , they can make a quick communication with the control room by pressing XC-9137AV help endpoint.
In the whole project , a powerfully software and a good command console is needed , so finaly the installer choose SPON 9000 Series software and 9031NV network paging console. Differ from the other software in the market, SPON consider using one software to manage all SPON endpoints. Another important characteristic is that our team also consider software integration with the third party to meet installer s diversified requirements. While for the network paging console , it deploys 10.2 inch LCD screen, with 13 mega pixel camera. The paging console is not only a paging microphone , but also a conference host which can make a conference with every intercom endpoints.

Product Display

SPON 9000 Series Server
Based on B/S architecture, cross-platform application for convenient maintenance and upgrading;
To cover all features of traditional PA system: Including programming scheduled ringing tasks, business voice broadcast, BGM and rebroadcasting radio programs etc;
Available for settings of management of broadcast zone and broadcast permission;
To establish a program resource library for meeting the requirement of program broadcast of audio terminals,
supportive of establishment of multiple program libraries at the same time;
Unified management of terminals in system, Displaying current working status of terminals on main interface,
Available for setting s of call targets, call permissions, monitoring permissions and other basic parameters, Available for adjustment volume of any terminal remotely;
To support the 3rd-party platform for secondary development and provide the standard MFC dynamic link library for integration with other system platforms.  

XC-9031NV Network paging console
Professional modular console design, supporting desktop, embedded or wall-mounted installation.
Equipped with 10.2'' digital TFT true color LCD display & capacitive touch screen (resolution: 1280×800).
Integrated 13 mega-pixel HD digital camera for two-way video intercom with other video intercom terminals.
Supporting initiating & receiving audio/video conference 

XC-9137AV Network intercom terminal
High-grade aluminium alloy casted shell, with strong anti-riot property, sturdy and durable.
Supporting embedded installation, can be embedded in wall or podetium,
Integrated 1080P ultra-wide angle HD digital camera (diagonal viewing angle: 160°) for H.264 video streaming to video paging console, Android & IOS smartphone App or other video intercom terminal.
The integrated camera supports WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) with functions of strong light inhibition and weak light compensation,enable it to function properly under the circumstance of strong light and weak light. 

NAS-8507B Network Outdoor Column Speaker
● Wall-mounted design; Adopting waterproof structure, with IPX5 protection grade.
● Integrated with network audio decoding, digital amplifier and column loudspeaker.
● Adopting high-speed industrial grade dual-core (ARM+DSP) chip, with start-up time ≤ 1 second.
● Supporting remote volume adjustment of the speaker on the server software.
● Supporting offline bell ringing function, integrated with high-capacity flash disk and clock chip, being able to import timed task from the server software and automatically implement the broadcasting task when the speaker is offline.
● Built-in loop detector to remotely monitor the operating condition of the speaker, easy maintenance.

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Central Management System



IP paging console



outdoor network column speaker



Network intercom terminal


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