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Chongqing Dianjiang Wetland Park

Chongqing Dianjiang Sanhehu Wetland Park is a new landmark park for Internet celebrities in Dianjiang, Chongqing.As the first urban smart park created by Dianjiang, it is designed according to the national 4A-level tourism scenic spot standard and integrated into the concept of smart construction.Using 5G, big data, intelligent sensing, Internet of things and other cutting-edge technologies to create  number of intelligent experience scenes, become a conception of "leisure sports, health tourism, ecological science" in one of the urban waterfront park.
SPON s the broadcast and intercom integration system is applied in the construction of smart street lights with leading technology, to create a green corridor of wetland park wisdom, and to fully cover the park to achieve point to point broadcasting and improve the intelligent broadcasting system.The multi -purpose smart light pole not only reduces the difficulty of construction, but also improves the infrastructure of the park and enhances the sense of travel experience of tourist.
SPON s broadcast and intercom system integrates one-button quick emergency alarm, alarm light deterrence, live paging, monitoring, video backtracking, local emergency broadcast and other functions.

01 Through intelligent broadcast equipment
It can timely, effectively and widely deliver daily announcements, release notices and policy knowledge promotion, also can effectively improve the efficiency of information delivering coverage.

02 One-key quick alarm when visitors in the park meet an emergency situation.
The one-key alarm endpoint embedded into the light pole can quickly make a call  with endpoint in the management center. Through the camera, it can clearly capture the photo of the person who is need assistance . Through the voice intercom endpoint, people in control center can assist  visitor who meet emergency event remotely.

SPON communications help intelligent light pole to achieve  the multi-integrated functions of only one light pole, make the wetland park to be as an urban  , habitable , 5G technology and intelligent place ,  also let visitor to enjoy SPON 's public services, further to improve people 's sense of happiness and acquisitions.
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