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Window Intercom System (WIS) in Tel Aviv Metro

Tel Aviv is the second famous city in Israel ,located in the east of Mediterranean. Here has more than 304 million people , with their efforts ,Tel Aviv has become one of the most prosperous city in Israel.
Speaking Tel Aviv , people will think about Mediterranean , sunshine , Palm tree ,bright and white houses. It is just like a resplendent pearl in a blue sky.
In all transportation cases , the authority will think about the security , the easiness in both installation and operation, the data analysis possibility when high risks comes. Facing different brands in the market , they finally chose SPON ‘s IP window intercom in their ticket selling station.

Talking about window intercom , most people will still lie in the expression that it is an intercom which only provides full duplex communication between customer and operator. SPON 6502 IP window intercom adopt classic black design , which can run under the software. Each NAS software can manage 1000 endpoints , almost 64 software can be multi-cased to realize manage 640,000 endpoints. It shall be emphasized that SPON 6502 IP window intercom shall be to provide user network recording function as so to facilitate user to analysis the data when facing security threats.
During user
s analysis , how they can use another computer to manage the data saved at the master computer is a headache issue for them . Considering this , we need to combine the device s FTP function. After successfully configuration the windows s FPT site, within the same LAN, other people can use their computer to access to the master computer and manage the recording file data.

Another big issue for them is how to save the maintenance cost after installation.After enabling the function of self-inspection of internal and external unit , when disconnection between internal and external unit , the device will automatically prompt message like abnormal connection between internal and external to let operator to check the connection and no need dispatching technician to check it on site . In this case it will save a lot maintenance cost.

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